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It's cold down here, even while close to the surface. 

I can't hear anything, but the depths calling to me.

Am I destined to die, below?

"The Bends" is a Haunted PS1 Summer Jam entry( HPS1 Summer of Shivers - itch.io ), made in unreal engine 4 and meant to be played with a xbox one controller, and headphones. 

Use your best judgement to guide yourself out of the depths and raise above the grip of the unknown.

Music and sound effects in the game were made by @LarksBreath, please be sure to follow her and I on twitter for future updates on games, and or her fantastic music.

Dev note: In order still meet my promise of the 31st, I was not able to resolve three main issues about the game I feel a need to point out. There is a lack of subtitles, No options yet, and that you MUST use your mouse to select "PLAY GAME" in the main menu. But to be clear the game itself should be played with a controller that reads as a Xbox controller. 

If you like the game please let me know, if the game does well, I will consider a more complex and adventurous version of the game for steam later on. THE BENDS: IRON LUNG. ;)

Thank you for checking this out! 


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The game is showing as installable in the itch desktop client but does not show any builds to pick from in the installer window.

I'll have to look into this and find out why it's like that, I downloaded the Itch client to test it and got the same issue. Downloads fine on the main site though. 

Sorry for the issue fam. 


Yup I grabbed the regular DL last night thanks.
Hope you get the config for the upload sorted as it means players will log time playing, although not sure if you get access to that statistic.

I notice it does not support Direct Input but only XInput.
If you can add DInput that would be great, but in the meantime I suggest you add a note (at the same time you add the KB+Mouse keys) to the game page suggesting an Xbox controller emulator such as "x360ce". 

It didn't take me too long to get stuck in the scenery on the front of a rock-face so when I hit ESC assuming I would go back to the menu, I was surprised to see the game close.

Going back to the menu needs to be prioritised over the options menu content, but hopefully any update see both.

As a multimonitor user I had big problems using mouse and KB as the mouse is not bound to the screen so keeps ending up opening or activating things on my other monitor.


Hey! I did a big roundup on a bunch of games in the jam (including yours) with some thoughts on each. Figured I'd share it here for anyone interested!


Can I play using a keyboard?

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Yes, just "feels better" on a controller IMHO.

WASD for movement, F for flashlight, Spacebar for Jumping, Q for Walkie-Talkie, and Shift to run. ESC exits the game and TAB pauses it.

I hope you enjoy it! :) 


Impressive content. I did check out the game, although there was a problem with options and the recording program kind of gave up on me, which was sad, because I really wanted to post the game's playthrough. 

Neat looking environment. Definitely, better to be played on big screen using joypad and I highly recommend everyone to check out this masterpiece. Good Look on future development. 




Gonna send out some test builds soon Potato, hit me up in my discord and I'll make sure to give you the chance for early playthroughs. 


scream of joy